An all digital experience starting Nov. 16

To help finance companies gather the best paper available for their portfolios, experts and industry leaders will be filling Auto Fin Con with discussions about the latest trends and tools to improve metrics with each passing vintage. Strategy involving fintech, investments and more will be shared to help finance company departments from marketing to underwriting.

Look forward to:

  • Improved focus on all aspects of auto lending across the subprime and prime segments of the industry.
  • Improved focus on joint sessions that will answer pain points for both the AutoFin Con and Repo Con groups.
  • Expanded focus on fintech issues with a highlight on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Expanded focus on political and regulatory impacts on the auto-finance industry.

Agenda Highlights

Live stream keynotes offering data and analysis of the latest trends and technology, and panel discussions providing big-picture insight for the auto finance market.
A library of workshops offering relevant, actionable solutions to help you formulate a strategy to thrive in the continuously evolving auto finance market.

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