Expert panels. Intimate strategy sessions. Roundtables. Fireside chats. Solo workshops. There are so many ways to structure breakout sessions during a conference or an educational business event. And we think the team at Used Car Week — and our expert workshop speakers — do a pretty good job of choosing the right content, the right format and the right people.

That’s why we want to give you a taste of the workshops, breakout panels and more scheduled during the upcoming Used Car Week 2019, Nov. 11-15 in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa.

Used Car Week 2018 Nov 12-16 at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

Used Car Week — made up of the Pre-Owned Con, Auto Fin Con, Repo Con and National Remarketing Conference — features over 50 workshops across the four individual events. Attendees of the first block (made up of the Pre-Owned Con, Auto Fin Con and Repo Con) have access to content across all three events. Register for the second block as well, the National Remarketing Conference, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, for access to content and strategies on key trends shaping the remarking and used-car industry.

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These breakout sessions run the gamut in topics ranging from what’s top of mind for auto-finance execs and recovery leaders to the changing tides in pre-owned retail and the remarketing industry.

Further, new this year, Used Car Week will also include six workshops during the all-new Dealer Training Tuesday, sponsored by KAR Global, designed to teach your sales professionals how to push the needle on sales and leads.

See below for a full rundown of Used Car Week 2019’s workshop topics, sorted by Used Car Week event: 

Pre-Owned Con Workshops, presented by SmartAuction:

The Digital Lane: More Opportunity in Less Time

Carvana Has Nothing on You! Online Retail & Profit

The Invisible Shoppers on Your Website

Your Dealership Website Sucks: How Dynamic Merchandising Will Change Everything

No Vending Machine Required: How CPO Can Revolutionize Your Dealership

If You Can’t Describe It; You Can’t Sell It

Revenue is the new Odometer

Rocket UC & Fixed-Ops Sales with RideShare Drivers

In with The Old: Why CPO is the Future

Cut Losses & Increase Confidence

Delivering a Seamless Retail Experience

How a Harvard Professor Can Help You Sell More Cars

Dealer Training Tuesday Workshops, presented by KAR Global 

Takata’s Airbag Recalls: Survival Tips for Automobile Remarketers

How to make your Used-Car Department Efficient, High Performing and Profitable

Overcoming Turnover and Partnering with Stakeholders to Drive CPO Success

Your Customers Expect a Different Experience, So Deliver It!

The Importance of the First 30

Activate Margin-Boosting Inventory Strategies

Check out the pre-event attendee list, and see who’s attending Used Car Week 2019!

Auto Fin Con Workshops, presented by truPayments: 

Data Analytics and the Customer Experience

The National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association – the Path Forward

Know the Score: Using Your Vehicles’ History to Maximize Your ROI

Digital Retailing and the Role of FinTech: Credit First vs Credit Last

Developing Compliant Product Refund Strategies

Social Media Reputation: How do Vendors Impact You?

Broaden your Customer Horizon: Faster, Safer Funding!

Is DR Promising More Than It Can Deliver?

Analyzing and Forecasting Auto-Credit Markets

Demystifying AI & ML and the Impact on Your Collections Today

It’s Time For Authentic Language In Sales & Marketing

Is Artificial Intelligence More Impactful for Pricing or Collections? Yes!

Repo Con Workshops, presented by ALS Resolvion: 

Improving Performance through Analytics

Best Practices for Repo Vendor Scorecarding

Compliance in 2020: Challenges and Solutions

The Popcorn Report for 2020!

AI In Auto-Loan Collections Is Here

Information Overload to Recovery Road: Driving Data into Measurable and Meaningful Analysis

Best Practices in Repossessions – An Operations and Compliance Primer

Repo Report: Industry Trends and Agent Best Practices

Success through Triage & Segmentation

Repossession Insurance Industry Standards

Fair Servicing for Auto Lenders

Leveraging Technology to Contact Lost Customers in a Regulatory Driven Environment

National Remarketing Conference Workshops: 

Protecting Your Mobility IP

A Tale of Three Industries. Retail, Restaurants, Remarketing

Pre-Owned Experts Address Today and Tomorrow’s Residual Value Trends

Mobility Fleet Services Powering Sharing Economy

Economist Roundtable: What Lowering Interest Rates & the Threat of Recession Means for Auto Values

The Digitization of the Wholesale Auto Remarketing Process

Tapping into Data to Drive Efficiency in the Wholesale Marketplace

Auctions in 2020 – Topics of Today

Getting the Best Results – Bridging the Gap from Portfolio Risk to Remarketing Risk Management

Sales Scorecards: Unlock Remarketing Hero Status

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